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Get to know the newcomers, activists and volunteers we met in Athens, Berlin and London, as they share their personal experiences of refuge, welcome and the digital city.


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Reber*, Code Your Future
Islington, London, February 2019

There are lots of opportunities in coding in London and I want to make the most of the opportunities here. I graduated from Code Your Future a few months ago, and now I’m developing my graduation project, which they’re paying me for. It’s an excellent course to increase knowledge and real application of tech that is used in the industry right now. And it’s the only free coding school I know of. When I worked in hospitality I used to look for jobs on Indeed; now I look for them on sites for tech jobs, like hired.com.

(digital skills, London)

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I was on Facebook and an ad for Code Your Future appeared on my newsfeed. I was like, ‘this is strange, they know I am a refugee, they know I like to code. They must be spying on me!’ [laughs] Facebook knows more about me than any other thing or person. If you go to Amazon and then Facebook, you find Facebook ads for what you were searching for on Amazon. It’s scary.

(communication rights)

* Reber is a pseudonym

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