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Learn more about the LSE research project Resilient Communities, Resilient Cities? Digital makings of the city of refuge undertaken in Athens, Berlin and London during 2018 and 2019.

Public launch of the Digital City of Refuge website archive, Online, 28 October 2020
Facebook livestreamed video

Video broadcast of the launch of the Digital City of Refuge website archive. During the event, members of the academic team and participants in the project discussed how this digital storytelling archive came to life and how and when cities become welcoming in the context of migration.

Panelists: Myria Georgiou (Professor, Media@LSE) / Marcia Chandra (Photographer, Counterpoints Arts) / Deena Dajani (Researcher, IIED) / Renée Ghammashi Abul-Ella (Founder and director at Al-Dar, Berlin) / Abdulrahman, (Presenter of Beit-UK, a video series supporting refugees, London) / Muhammad Ali Madanieh, (Teacher, husband, father, Syrian, Athens) / Natasa Vourna (Teacher, activist, Athens)

Migration and the Digital city, LSE Symposium, London, 29 March 2019
The symposium brought together a group of scholars working on migration in the city and/or migrant digital communication and marked the final phase of the Digital City of Refuge project.

Building the city of refuge digital archive, Tate Exchange Workshop, London, 23 May 2019
Part of Who Are We?, a cross-platform event designed and curated for Tate Exchange (Tate Modern) by Counterpoints Arts and The Open University, reflecting on identity, belonging, migration and citizenship. Building upon the photographic footage and ethnographic stories collected, this workshop explored the ways in which field research might be translated, transformed and re-narrated in a digital format for a public archive. The public was invited to join the Digital City of Refuge team, the London-based newcomer families, and design agency, TEMPLO, in conversation.